What is BlockPoll?

Being a Blockchain-based application, BlockPoll can reduce survey costs by up to 50% over traditional methods and can address an unlimited number of users, also for a predefined period of time.


BlockPoll connects companies and users in real time. Instantly generates statistics from unlimited number of users.


Company budgets are distributed automatically, depending on the number of answers and the complexity of the questionnaires.

Simple interface

The application can be used exclusively on the mobile phone and will be available on all operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows Mobile).


User personal data will be encrypted, decentralized and will be only used for payments via bank transfer.

BlockPoll for companies

  • Target users according to criteria such as age, location, gender, education, language, interests without collecting personal data;
  • Payment according to the number of users participating in the surveys;
  • Surveys can be conducted for predefined time periods;
  • Data centralization is done on spot;
  • The votes authentication is done by using the fingerprint correlated with the PIN. We guarantee the authenticity and confidentiality of the answers, being registered in the Blockchain;
  • Surveys can be conducted in any field of study;
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BlockPoll for users

  • Users are paid from the company's survey budget;
  • Users can select the survey they want to participate in (depending on the criteria of the survey);
  • Personal and login data are stored in encrypted format and in a decentralized system;
  • You can recommend other people to use the application;
  • Users are paid through their bank account after completing the withdrawal form;

BlockPoll Roadmap

June 2021

Landing page, roadmap and waiting list

July 2021

Whitepaper and pricing list

4Q 2021

Alpha Android Version - Deploy Blockchain TestNet

1Q 2022

Launch in the AppStore and Google Play - Deploy Blockchain MainNet

Start contracting companies

Start Marketing

2Q 2022

Start QuickPoll for user ranking

2Q 2022

Start www.blockpoll.eu

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** Companies that sign a pre-contract before launching the application will benefit from a promotional package.